Mark Stebbings

After leaving Kirkley High School in 1986 I started on a Youth Training Scheme in boat building.

I was placed at a boatyard in Somerleyton where I used to cycle every day from Kirkley.

In 1987 I was then offered a job working as a labourer for a local building company who were building some flats in the local area. I jumped at the chance as the money was 4 times what I was getting and being young I just thought of the money and what I could spend it on.

In 1988 the job on the flats was coming to an end and I was getting laid off so I walked just around the corner from where I was working one lunch time to another local builder. As I happened he was looking for someone and I promptly convinced him that I would be a good asset to the company. I worked for him as a general builder for 9 years alongside some of the best tradesmen in the town at that time.

In 1997 work was not too good and myself and several others were advised to look elsewhere for work. I promptly approached another local builder and offered my services to his company.
He said that he had heard all good things about the company I was working for and all the people he employs so he had no hesitation in offering me a job straightaway.

In the summer of 1998 I was working on a job when I was told I had a young lad working with me today. The young lad was Glenn who was 17 years old and had been told he was working with earrings today and wondered what he was getting into!

As it was we hit it off instantly and worked closely together on many interesting and testing projects.

In 2007 we were joking about starting up a building company of our own and what it would be called. Over several weeks we sorted out our name, logo, colour scheme and paperwork and we were ready to go.

We started up MG Builders in 2007 and I can safely say I could not have chosen a better business partner and friend. We have really pushed ourselves to get as much out of our business as possible to give ourselves and our families the best possible future and look forward to many more years of MG Builders.

Just a little insight to my personal life – don’t want to bore you too much!

As you can see I have been in the building trade for 27 years and have enjoyed every aspect of the building and communication with many different people.

I have lived in Lowestoft all my life, have 2 brothers and 1 sister – all local too. Both my parents are local as well and very supportive in anything we all do.

I have 2 sons one who is 21 years old and works for us and another of 6 years who would come in to work with me if he could too. My partner Justine also has a child of 10 years who is very much a hands on and helpful little chap too. We all love to do things as a family such as swimming in local pools, weekend trips to theme parks (which I love too) and as many hot holidays as possible. I do try to find as much time as I can to watch the local football as Lewis my son is a keen player and likes nothing better than to put on the MG football kit.