If you looking to have a new driveway or patio there are many factors that you have to consider before deciding on what product you wish to use for example:

  • Wear and tear – will the product on your new driveway cope with excessive traffic?
  • Weather conditions – will the product withstand harsh winters?
  • Replacement – if parts of your driveway / patio become damaged, Is it easy to replace without costing you a fortune?
  • Cosmetic look – will your driveway / patio be in-keeping with the beauty of your home?

These are just a few examples of what you need to consider. Once you have taken these factors into account we can then help you decide on which product will best suit you. The key to a driveway or patio lasting many years is how you construct the sub-base (underneath the paving). Unlike many other companies, here at MG Builders of Lowestoft, we construct our sub-bases using concrete and not the cheaper method of a Type One base. We can also be very creative by combining different materials, giving your driveway / patio that personal touch.